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We offer a wide range of coverage from leading insurance carriers in Canada. Many of our plans provide guaranteed with no required medical questionnaire. We can provide you flexible coverage that matches your needs and budget. Our fully-customizable plans provide access to prescription drugs, dental care, vision care, extended health care, registered therapists and specialists, accidental death and dismemberment, best doctors, cash-back benefit, emergency travel coverage and hospital accommodation.

Viren Parmar, CFA, MBA, Financial Advisor

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Karma Financial has been catering to different individual and businesses with over ten years of industry experience. We treat each of our clients as a top priority and adopt only ethical and honest approaches to help them succeed in their financial goals. Our dedicated team of experts ensures that we cater to each of your individual goals, help you understand the nuances of financial planning, setting you on a rewarding journey.

Wealth has no single definition. It is not solely defined in the financial and monetary sense: wealth can mean security, children’s education, comfortable retirement in a warmer climate, leaving a charitable gift, or downsizing from a home. It can be all of these things. Karma Financial helps you set and plan for realistic goals.

We are passionate about our work and adopt every possible means to understand the specific requirement of each client. We will work with you to devise strategic, hollistic and integrative financial plans to help you achieve your financial freedom. We excel in providing the best solutions available in the industry by recognizing the evolving tastes and preferences our clients have.

Karma Financial is delighted to offer a free one-on-one consultation in the initial stages of our relationship with you to understand your specific needs, for you to learn about our unique approach, and to build a customized plan that suits your needs. We adopt the most simplified approach to financial planning that is both comprehensive and integrative. Karma Financial provides a plan that covers all aspects of wealth and ensure each element works together to ensure all your needs are met.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you with your financial success.