Group Benefits

Why Karma Financial?

Your employees are the backbone of your company. You cannot achieve your business objectives without the support of your employees. To ensure the success of your company it is important to attract and retain the best employees in the industry.

Finding the right employee is a really difficult task, and the expense of recruiting has also become significant in recent years. You cannot afford to lose the right employee, which directly converts to loss of productivity and financial loss.

Group benefit plans are an effective way to attract and retain employees. They make employees feel wanted and needed by the company, which leads to improved productivity, morale and reduced turnover. Group benefit plans protect your employees and make them prepared to face unexpected situations including disability and critical illness. Karma Financial offers a wide spectrum of group benefit plans, which can be customized based on your business environment and needs. Whether you are a big business with hundreds of employees or a small firm with ten employees, we will find the right solution that fits your needs.

Why Choose Us

Your plan may change as your circumstances change. For example a company in its start-up phase may choose a basic plan with minimal coverage, whereas a well-established company may choose a more comprehensive plan with many optional features. Here are some of the more popular Group Benefit solutions that we offer.

  • Healthcare Plans – you need to keep your employees healthy and fit to make them productive. We offer extended health care plans for your employees and their families. This includes massage, physiotherapy, chiropractic care and acupuncture therapy.
  • Vision & Dental Plan – Just like healthcare plans, we have a wide range of dental and vision care plans under our belt. We choose the right one for your company and help you get the best value in the market.
  • Drug Plans  – Karma Financial can offer both reimbursement type and direct pay drug plans for your employees.
  • Employee Assistance Plans – All of us have experienced, at one time or another, difficult situations, which can disrupt our lives and may have an effect on our well-being as well as workplace productivity. EAP can assist in addressing almost every problem that affects professional or personal lives.
  • Life Insurance – Allow employees to feel secure in knowing that in the event of their death or the death of a dependant, there is financial support for their loved ones. The death benefit payout provides for funeral costs and any outstanding debts they may have.
  • Disability Coverage – Group Long Term Disability coverage (LTD) provides your employees with replacement income if they become disabled and cannot perform their duties. This provides your employees peace of mind that their ability to earn income is not affected by a short or long term disability.
  • Critical Illness Coverage -A serious illness is not something we plan for. We may not think about it until it happens. With our group critical illness insurance plans and services, you can offer your employees financial support during a difficult time. Employees will also have access to a service called, Best Doctors, which provides expert opinions about their condition and treatment options by the top medical professional across the world.

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