Announcing our new partnership with 
Glidepath Portfolio Services

Exciting news!Karma Financial is pleased to announce our new partnership with Glidepath Portfolio Services (“Glidepath”) to offer you more ways to invest.

Glidepath is an Investment Counsel and Portfolio Management firm dedicated to working exclusively with financial planning professionals like me to custom manage and monitor your goals-based investment portfolios …

… So that you can confidently and comfortably fund your after-tax spending plans… and make your money last.TM

Through Karma Financial’s unique partnership with Glidepath Portfolio Services, you get access to a dedicated Portfolio Manager working together with me to serve you. Their leading-edge technology platform and service provides you with a goals-based portfolio that is custom managed and monitored to your unique savings and spending plan schedules.

Using an investment approach that is similar to how defined-benefit pension funds manage assets to fund payout schedules (called “liability-matching”), Glidepath separately manages your ETF investment portfolios confidently within a comfortable margin of safety to fund your specific spending plan goals and desired cash flow schedules.

With this partnership, you are further supported to align your financial behaviour and decision making with your most important goals and most deeply held values… helping you do the things you need to do to, when you need to do them, to fund the experiences in life that matter to you most.

Here is a Frequently Asked Questions brochure link that provides more information about Glidepath Portfolio Services:

If you would like to learn more about this partnership, or you are interested in opening an investment account, simply click on the “Contact Us” tab.

Best regards,

Viren Parmar, CFA, MBA
President & CEO, Karma Financial